The price development of coffee is influenced by a variety of factors, including supply and demand, weather conditions, production costs and exchange rate fluctuations. Based on current trends and forecasts, coffee prices are expected to increase in 2023.

An important factor influencing coffee price trends is global demand. In recent years, demand for coffee has increased worldwide, especially in emerging markets such as China and India, where coffee is becoming an increasingly popular beverage. This increasing demand is leading to higher price levels as coffee producers try to keep up with the increased demand. This trend is expected to continue in 2023, leading to higher prices.

Another factor influencing prices is the weather conditions in the growing regions. Coffee is mainly grown in tropical areas that are prone to weather phenomena such as droughts, storms and floods. When the weather is bad, this can lead to crop failures, resulting in a decrease in supply and an increase in prices. In 2022, some major growing countries such as Brazil and Colombia experienced dry spells that affected harvests and led to a reduction in supply. If such weather conditions continue in 2023, this may cause prices to rise further.

Another important factor affecting prices is the cost of production. The cost of producing coffee is rising due to the increasing cost of fertilisers, pesticides and labour. Labour costs in particular have increased in some growing countries in recent years as wages and salaries rise. These cost increases have a direct impact on the final price of coffee and may contribute to prices rising in 2023.

Another factor that influences coffee price trends is exchange rate fluctuations. Since coffee is grown in many countries, it is often exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates. When the currency of a major growing country depreciates against the US dollar or other major currencies, this leads to higher costs for importing fertilisers and other materials needed to produce coffee. These costs are usually passed on to consumers, leading to higher prices.

In summary, coffee prices will continue to rise in 2023.