Fully automated coffee machine – the agony of choice

Kaffeevollautomat - Die Qual der Wahl

The different types of coffee are popular at any time of the day. Whether a small, strong pick-me-up like an espresso, a cappuccino with lots of milk and milk foam or just plain coffee. Anyone who often has guests or customers can prepare the desired type in no time with the help of a coffee machine. This is also worthwhile for companies.

The different types of coffee

First there is the normal coffee. This delicious hot beverage is made from roasted and ground coffee beans. Many people also know the term bean coffee for this, which can be traced back to the origin of the drink, namely the coffee bean. It also serves to differentiate it from substitute coffee, which is made from barley malt, for example.

Fully automatic coffee machine yes or no

“The coffee is ready.” These four words will perk up even the biggest morning grouch. But first, the coffee machine must be equipped with water, coffee powder and a filter. But there is also the possibility of setting completely new standards by purchasing a coffee machine for breakfast. But for whom is which device is ideal? And what about the quality of the coffee?

Advantages of the coffee machine

These devices are now very cheap. In some places they are available for ten euros including a three-year guarantee. The strength of the drink can also be influenced here. However, a coffee pot is also required, and there is usually no replacement for it should it break. Then it is usually necessary to buy a new coffee machine. In addition, coffee filters are essential for the correct operation of the coffee machine, and they are cheap. If this is missing, it is difficult to enjoy filter coffee. In addition, regular cleaning and descaling is necessary, which is time-consuming. It is definitely suitable for small families or single households. The quality of the coffee cannot usually be changed, as it depends on the coffee powder.