Coffee Day 2019

Tag des Kaffees

On September 27, 2019, the 13th German “Coffee Day” will be celebrated nationwide! Traditionally, “Coffee Day” has been celebrated on the last Friday in September since 2006.

There are around 106 events and campaigns across Germany for this year’s homage to the universally popular drink made from the brown bean.

Pure enjoyment – coffee and many other coffee specialties are definitely guaranteed on this day: live roasts, tastings of high-quality coffees, barista taster sessions, lectures, latte art contest, discounted offers of the finest types of coffee. and many, many more interesting activities around the most consumed drink in Germany. More detailed information about the individual campaigns and whether events related to coffee are taking place near your place of residence can be found on the website of the German Coffee Association e.V.

Real coffee drinkers and connoisseurs should definitely not miss this!