Café2Go – coffee the Arabic way

Some people sweeten their coffee with honey instead of sugar, the Japanese drink their coffee with soy milk and recently there is now coffee with camel milk in Café2Go coffee houses in Dubai.

Jassim al-Bastaki, the man behind the Dubai Starbucks competitor, is increasingly relying on locality and products made from camel milk in his shops. In addition to muffins, ice cream, smoothies, shakes and many other products, now also in coffee. According to Café2Go, camel milk has a greater health potential than cow milk and would be a suitable alternative for people with lactose allergies. Whether a new trend is emerging, Bastaki can establish itself with its camel coffee and whether chains like Starbucks in the Arab states will imitate this remains to be seen. Definitely an interesting way to enjoy your coffee or latté – there are more coffee traditions or recipes here.